Woxsen School was founded with the underlying need that there has to be an inclusive growth for responsible education as well as responsible business. This is also to create economic, societal and intellectual prosperity for the people of the country. We began as a business school teaching management, marketing and entrepreneurship as the core value to this stream. Today, we are have expanded our wings into Arts and Design.

Woxsen will be a centre of excellence, recognized worldwide for its pristine quality, offering various courses in design.

We rely on the best of the professors who are entrepreneurs first and academicians / researches next. There will be faculty from across the country and the globe with solid background and experience in the industry. With the world class infrastructure in place the experiential education ensures that they leave form here ready to lead their respective areas of work.

The class room learning will be duly complimented with the huge spaces around the campus which will be the meeting place for the dynamic interactions with the icons of the industry.

Our Vision

To create an ecosystem in arts and design which will transform aspiring students dreams to reality

Academic Objectives

  • To provide an open creative environment for design education and research to further its practice and scholarship.
  • To conduct the UG Programmes in arts and design by providing skills and practice through an exhaustive system of classroom learning, practicals and workshops by nationally and internationally distinguished academicians, industry experts and entrepreneurs.
  • To provide a conducive environment, learning opportunities and industry support for developing the next generation of design leaders.


  • Provide a system to nurture, establish and grow creative and innovative ideas
  • Develop necessary capability and capacity that will deliver the most enterprising, creative talent to the industry and society
  • Develop global platform for design thinking
  • Develop designers, managers, entrepreneurs and social leaders with creativity, strategy, communication and organization as four pillars of design value

Academic Values

Professional growth of every individual through an objective evaluation of performance. Respect and care for every individual associated with us.

How Woxsen is different?

  • Woxsen School of Arts and Design is going to be in a space with freedom to work on the different aspects of creativity and design thinking.
  • The school is designed in the sprawling campus, which is the best of infrastructure that will become corridors of deep learning with renowned world class faculty and industry experts delivering lectures and motivational talks.
  • The detailed curriculum with immense knowledge and mentorship of the postgraduate students of management will give the under graduate student an edge over the other design students.
  • The Trade Tower will nurture design ideas and take inspirational works to a level to excel as a business.
  • The campus invites stalwarts of the design industry who will bring their life lessons to the classroom.
  • A foreign language certification is offered which is an advantage in design career along with extracurricular activities.
  • Woxsen campus has one of the most sophisticated world class sports facilities to nurture the sportsmen in you.